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2019 Results

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, most exams and assessments did not take place in the 2019/20, or 2020/21 academic years. The government announced that it would not publish school or college level results data on Compare school and college performance (also commonly referred to as school and college performance tables) in autumn 2020 or autumn 2021, and that this data would not be used to hold schools and colleges to account. The set of results below are therefore the most up to date statutory assessments undertaken by the school. 

Key Stage 2 Results, 2019

Each year, we report on our success in the Key Stage 2 SATs. SATs assessments are taken for Reading, Maths and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Writing is teacher assessed.

These are the percentages of children achieving the expected standard and a high standard:


Subject School Expected Standard National Expected Standard School High Standard National High Standard
Reading 87% 73% 33% 27%
Writing 85% 78% 33% 20%
Maths 90% 79% 38% 27%
SATs Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 93% 78% 55% 36%


These are the average scaled scores compared to national:


Subject Average Scaled Score National Scaled Score
Reading 107 104
Maths 107 105

Combined Reading, Writing and Maths attainment

This table shows the number of pupils who attained age related expectations in reading, writing and maths combined. It also shows the number of pupils who achieved greater depth in reading, writing and maths combined. The results are compared to national.

RWM% School ARE+ National ARE+ School GD National GD
All 75% 65% 18% 11%

Progress from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2

This table shows our progress scores. They can be compared to a national score of 0.

2017 2018 2019
School all School PPG School all School PPG School all School PPG
Reading 1.63 1.78 1.66 1.00 0.53 -2.25
Writing -0.55 -1.83 1.91 1.40 0.56 -0.24
Maths 3.69 6.13 2.63 2.70 0.92 -1.41