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Y2 - What are we learning this term?

5 October 2020 (by Teresa Doohan (teresa.doohan))

R.E - New Beginnings

We have been learning about how God made the world and he was at our beginning. We have been reading the bible: The Creation and writing our own Psalms and prayers about beginnings. Encourage your child to say a prayer and thank God for  all the wonderful things he has created.

English - Handa's Surprise

We have read a variety of stories and extracts by Eileen Browne and have identified punctuation, nouns, verbs and adjectives. we are now going to use the features in these stories to write our own story.

Read your reading book and your favourite stories at home. Can you identify the different punctuation? Can you answer questions?

Maths - Place Value

This term we are learning all about tens and ones. The children have been using their resources to make a two digit number and then showing the value of each place.

Write a two digit number and ask your child what the value of each place is worth:

How many tens?

How many ones?

Please support this at home by using the mastery star words - place, tens, ones, value, worth, greatest, lowest, increased and decreased.

Maths - Adding and Subtracting

Number bonds to 20

Deriving facts

Multiples of 10

Adding and subtracting tens

Adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers ( 2 + 5= 7 so 20 + 50 = 70 )    ( 7 - 5=2 so we know that 70 - 50 = 20)

Encourage your children to use the mastery star words - addition, plus, altogether, more, greater than, multiples, subtraction , take away, fewer, less than. 

Topic - Geography: Africa

The children have been learning all about the seven continents of the world. They can identify where Africa is on a map and globe. We are looking forward to celebrating our topic on Wednesday 7th October, when we will be listening to more African stories, learning some African dancing and creating an African landscape during Art.


The children are learning all about growing up. We can now use the correct names for our private parts to keep us safe. We know the difference between a sad secret and a super surprise. All the children have agreed to talk to a trusted adult if they feel worried at school or home. The class drew a picture of their friend and could identify what was the same or different. They are celebrating that we are all different and unique. During our mindful moments we talk about how we are feeling and the class understand that we must become more independent as we grow up. 

British Values

The children had fun learning about the Law of the Land. Can they tell you who is in charge at school? Do they know who is in charge of the country? We had fun learning about the different laws and rules. 

Science - Animals, including Humans

The children will be learning about the life cycle of animals and humans, what we need to survive and stay healthy.