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Y6 JHa - Friday 13th: unlucky for some, but not for us!

13 November 2020 (by Joe Hamill (joe.hamill))

Definitely not for us: we're in the best class ever! Must admit, I've had a lovely week and I hope you all have too. Here is a whistle-stop tour of our fantastic learning this week:

Maths: Absolutely nailed decimals to the wall! And smashed TWO LESSONS IN ONE DAY! Of course, the children enjoyed doing Wednesday's F1 themed lesson as much as I did...

English: Working our way through our English topic on 'The Spider and the Fly'. Not long to go before we start our writing.

Grammar: Who is perfect? We are. And the past tense. Sometimes. Sometimes it's progressive. But we know that and that makes us perfect!

Spanish: Just get us to Spain guys because we're basically fluent now.

PSHE: Working together to support our prior knowledge (teaching buzz word right there thanks) and then some healthy debate and discussion. What more could you ask for on a Friday arvo?

Have a lovely weekend

Mr Hamill

P.S. Turkish Grand Prix this weekend don't miss it!