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Year 3 SBr and ALe - Recap of this morning's Google meet

6 January 2021 (by Suzanne Britch (suzanne.britch))

Happy New Year Year 3!

We hope you’ve had a lovely, relaxing Christmas. These are strange times again but we can all get through this together! This is just a little message about how things are going to be for the next few weeks in case people missed our first Google Meet this morning.

Mrs Lee, Mrs Kent and Mrs Bittles are in school supporting Key Worker children whilst Miss Britch, Mrs Byrne and Miss Spavold are working from home teaching and supporting the rest of Year 3. Children who are in school will be watching and using the same resources that children learning remotely will use. This is to make sure that children in school don’t have an advantage over children working from home. 

Google classroom will involve some lessons taught live by Miss Britch where children will be able to share their ideas and input directly with Miss Britch. Other lessons will involve links to slide shows, worksheets and video clips. A timetable will be created and posted on the stream weekly outlining what is required of the children. All links to live teaching will be placed on the stream so keep an eye out for those! In the afternoons, Miss Britch will be conducting mini Google meets with children who may require additional support.

Whilst Miss Britch is providing the input for all children, Mrs Byrne will be offering support to children who are learning remotely who may require it. These support sessions will be provided through mini google meet sessions. Also look out for these links!

Whatever work children turn in on Google classroom, this will be marked and returned back to them by Miss Spavold, Mrs Byrne and Miss Britch. 

We will hold daily Google meets in the morning at 9am and in the afternoon at 3pm to check in with everybody. These are not compulsory but it would be really nice to see everyone and find out how everyone is doing. 

If your pack has been delivered, please do not feel like you have to complete the work provided. It is optional, just a little something extra if you find yourself unable to access the work online or for any other reason.

Hopefully this won’t be like this for long, it is just a temporary thing. For now, enjoy being at home in your pyjamas and seeing family and pets and we hope to see you all back in the classroom soon.