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17 March 2021 (by Amelia Stanley (amelia.stanley))

Today as part of our Lent topic we have been learning about CAFOD and thinking about ways in which we could try and help people less fortunate than ourselves. After watching a short video about Mahinur who lives in poverty we discussed how lucky we all are to have all of the lovely things we have. Everyone in class was shocked and said they felt very sad to see how some people are living. 

We had a chat about the different things we could do to help and these were the ideas which they came up with:

  • Give a toy we don't play with to a charity shop
  • Give some clothes that don't fit or we don't wear to a charity shop
  • Pray to God to help those people who don't have a home, food or clothing
  • Give a little bit of money to a charity
  • Take time to think about how lucky we are to have everything we have
  • Raise some money for charity
  • Give something (i.e. chocolate) up for Lent 

I would love to know if any of the children do decide to do something to help someone else less fortunate than themselves during Lent and we can share it with the class.