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Year 3 SBR - First week back

23 April 2021 (by Suzanne Britch (suzanne.britch))

What a great first week back!

In Maths this week, we have been discussing the difference between perpendicular lines and parallel lines. With all of our new learning, we have been able to talk about the properties of 2-D shapes and make them on geoboards.

In History, we have started our new topic about Ancient Egyptians. The children were archaeologists today and dug up images of artefacts. We spent time exploring what the objects were, what they were made of and who they belonged to. We also discussed the difference between Modern Egypt and Ancient Egypt.

In English, we have started reading our new book ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ which is a nice link to our History topic. The children made some very good predictions about what the story could be about comparing it to the original tale. We started reading the story and the children used the skills that they have acquired so far in Year 3 to write some detailed descriptions of the main character Rhodopis.

In RE, we have begun our learning about Pentecost. We spent time discussing the powerful energy of fire and wind and the children explored how the apostles would have felt when Jesus ascended to Heaven.

In Science, we used mirrors to carry out some investigations about reflections. We also learned that shadows are formed when an opaque object blocks the light. We investigated how shadows change the closer the object gets to the light source.

We have been extremely busy and the children have all worked really hard! Please check the gallery!

Have a lovely weekend!