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Internet Safety


In school, we have a strong focus on Online Safety. Keeping children safe is our most important job and therefore we strive to educate children how to use technology in a way which ensures they are protected. Our Online Safety lessons are taught as follows to all year groups:

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Online Relationships


Online Reputation

Online Bullying

Self-Image and Identity

Managing Online Information

Health, Well-Being and Lifestyle

Privacy and Security


Copyright and Ownership

Below is some information on how you as parents and carers can help to keep children safe online.

Important websites to keep your children safe:

Net Aware – Your guide to the latest social networks, apps and games used by young people.

Net Aware: Your guide to social networks, apps and games (

Childline – Childline offer a variety of support for children both online and offline.

Online Safety for Children - Tips & Guides | NSPCC

Internet Matters – Support for both children and parents regarding online issues.

Online safety advice for 6-10 year olds | Internet Matters

Childnet International – Tips on how to keep very young children safe online.

Keeping young children safe online - Childnet

Cbeebies – More information on how to keep children safe online.

Keeping children safe online - CBeebies - BBC

UK Safer Internet Centre – Advice for young people, parents/carers and teachers/professionals on how to keep children and young people safe online.

UK Safer Internet Centre - Online Safety Tips, Advice and Resources | Safer Internet Centre

Go Compare guide to broadband parental controls and internet safety for children.

Go Compare Broadband Parental Controls

Virgin Media O2

Virgin Media O2
How do I manage what games my child plays online?

  1. Download and explore the game before you let your child play it. This way you can see if it features any adult themes that you don’t want them to see.
  2. Speak to other parents and carers about the games their kids are using and ask if they have any concerns.
  3. Check out Net Aware reviews to find age-appropriate games.
  4. Have regular conversations with your child about the games they’re playing.

What websites/apps/games are unsuitable for my child?

Social Media Age Restrictions:





























Meet Me



 For more information on what age your child can start using social media, please follow this link:

What age can my child start social networking? - Internet Matters

  • Cunch-Line Chronicles – Official age rating – 18+
    - Not recommended for under 18s
    A mobile game which is similar to Mario Kart. It contains adult themes such as drugs and criminal activity.
  • Project Makeover – Official age rating – 4+
    - Not recommended for under 13s
    A puzzle game where you can change a characters physical appearance and home. You complete a makeover, you must play a candy-crush style game and win gems. The game has in-app purchases and it promotes specific beauty ideals that could cause self-esteem issues.
  • Hello Neighbour – Official age rating – 12+
    – Not recommended for under 16s
    A horror game where you break into houses to investigate suspicious behaviour. The game contains horror and violent themes including strangulation and imprisonment.
  • Gacha Life – Official age rating – 9+
    - Not recommended for under 16s
    A role-playing game where you create and dress anime style characters. You can join scenes and chat with other players. There are some sexual themes in the game and allows for children to chat with other people online which could be dangerous.

What to do if your child sees something inappropriate online?

It’s not always easy to stop your child from seeing something inappropriate online. Innocent searches can sometimes lead to not so innocent results. Or children might look for things because they re curious. If your child has seen inappropriate content online follow these tips.

  1. Reassure them that they’ve done the right thing by coming to you and ask them to tell you how they came across it. This will give them an opportunity to discuss what it is and how it’s not appropriate for their age.
  2. Discuss some apps, sites and games they can use.
  3. Ensure all the correct parental controls are set.
  4. Report the content.

How to set up parental controls on your children’s devices?

  1. Go to the Internet Matters website for more support on setting up parental controls - Parental Controls & Privacy Settings Guides - Internet Matters
  2. Go to the O2 website for more support on setting up parents controls -
    Parental controls advice (
  3. If you’d prefer to ask for support in person, go into an O2 store and speak to an O2 Guru (you don’t need to be an O2 customer).